Organic Sumatra Medium Roast (Subscription)

$15.30 / month

Organic Sumatra Medium Roast by Joey Kramer: Experience earthy, chocolate, citrus, and sweet notes in a smooth, balanced brew. Enjoy the distinctive taste of Sumatra coffee!



The easily discernible earthiness of most Sumatra coffees shows us that brews can be distinctive, individual, quirky…and tasty. Sumatra is always a crowd favorite among specialty coffee consumers.

Our Sumatra blend is produced in the Takengon area of the northern part of the country. The town is in the highlands of western Sumatra and is situated on the shores of Lake Lut Tawar. The region around Takengon is well known for its coffee.

Coffees from Sumatra are branded as “Mandheling,” dating back to when coffee was grown by the indigenous Mandheling people. All of northern Sumatra coffees are marketed for export under this name.

I characterize the taste of this coffee as earthy at the start, then evoking tones of chocolate, citrus and sweetness.


Additional information

Bag Size

12 oz. whole bean


Perfectly Ground, Whole Bean


Every 2 Weeks, Monthly, Quarterly


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