Sumatra Ground 40 oz (Subscription)

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Joey Kramer characterizes the taste of this coffee as earthy at the start, then evoking tones of chocolate, citrus and sweetness.

This 40oz bag is perfect for small businesses or cafes. Customers can expect to make between 45 and 50 12-ounce cups of coffee with this delicious 40-ounce bag of perfectly ground Sumatra.


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Experience the rich, earthy flavors of our premium 40oz bag of Ground Sumatra coffee. Known for its distinctive and individual character, Sumatra coffee is a beloved favorite among specialty coffee enthusiasts.

Discover the Unique Flavors of Sumatra Coffee

Experience the distinctive and individual flavors of our 40 oz bag of ground Sumatra coffee. Known for its easily discernible earthiness, Sumatra coffee is a crowd favorite among specialty coffee enthusiasts for its unique and tasty profile.

Why Choose Sumatra Coffee?

Our Sumatra blend is sourced from the Takengon area in the northern part of the country. This highland town, situated on the shores of Lake Lut Tawar in western Sumatra, is renowned for its exceptional coffee production. Sumatra coffees are branded as “Mandheling,” a name that originates from the indigenous Mandheling people who historically grew coffee in the region. Today, all northern Sumatra coffees are marketed for export under this esteemed name.

Flavor Profile

  • Sumatra Coffee: Starts with a rich earthiness, evolving into tones of chocolate, citrus, and a subtle sweetness.

Key Features:

  • Origin: Takengon, Northern Sumatra
  • Availability: Ground and Whole Bean
  • Flavor Notes: Earthy, chocolate, citrus, sweetness
  • Body: Full and rich
  • Acidity: Low and smooth
  • Bitterness: Minimal

Embrace the Essence of Sumatra

Whether you prefer the convenience of ground coffee or the ritual of grinding your own beans, our Sumatra coffee promises a unique and invigorating experience with every cup. Embrace the distinctive taste and savor the unique flavors that make Sumatra coffee a favorite among coffee lovers.

Subscribe now and let our Sumatra coffee become your daily delight, celebrating the rich heritage and exceptional quality that defines the finest coffees of Sumatra.

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