Organic Guatemala Light Roast Coffee (Subscription)

$15.30 / month

Organic Guatemala Light Roast Coffee by Joey Kramer: Bright citrus, dark chocolate, and pleasant woodiness in a smooth, balanced brew free of bitterness. Rock on with every cup!



It seems like Guatemala’s coffee trade has surpassed Colombia and Juan Valdez himself in embodying the depth and complexity of really excellent coffees.

The reason Guatemala is revered as one of the most flavorful and nuanced coffees in the world is because it has several regions with different profiles and a lengthy harvesting and shipping season. Some of the top coffee regions are Antigua, Atitlan and Huehuetenango, where ours is grown.

Guatemala has hosted the renowned “Cup of Excellence” competition for some time and in 2008, a coffee from Huehuetenango received the top rank by a panel of coffee-cupping professionals. The Huehuetenango winning brew then went on to fetch an astounding $80.20 price tag for one pound of coffee in the international online auction that marks the end of the event.

Joey Kramer characterizes the taste of this coffee as a mix of bright citrus with dark chocolate and dark char that has a pleasant woodiness, free of any bitterness.


Additional information

Bag Size

12 oz. ground


Every 2 Weeks, Monthly, Every 3 Months


Whole Bean, Perfectly Ground


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