Organic Ethiopia Roast


Discover the unique flavors of our Organic Ethiopia Roast coffee with earthy woodiness, clove, chocolate, and fruit notes. Available in ground and whole bean. Order now!


Discover the Unique Flavors of Organic Ethiopia Roast Coffee

Experience the exceptional flavors of Organic Ethiopia Roast coffee. Because of its popularity, we offer it in both ground and whole bean options. Ethiopia has a reputation for producing some of the world’s most distinctive coffees. Consequently, Ethiopia’s three main coffee-producing regions—Harrar, Ghimi, and Sidamo (Yirgacheffe)—lead the way. As a result, the country produces about 200,000 tons of coffee each year. In fact, in places like Addis-Ababa, they can process up to 500 tons of coffee per day.

Why Choose Ethiopian Coffee?

Did you know that Ethiopia is celebrated for its rich coffee heritage and diverse flavor profiles.? In fact, the Yirgacheffe coffee bean is a favorite from southern Ethiopia. It is known for its sweet, fruity overtones and strong aroma, however, it has a milder flavor compared to beans from other regions. Some people call it “Sidamo.” It shows the great quality of the district’s coffee.

Our Process

In this paragraph, we’ll tell you about our process. Firstly, we use the “wet process” for milling our Ethiopian coffee cherries.  This method involves washing the cherry. Firstly, we remove the fleshy pulp while it’s still moist. Then, we dry the beans in direct sunlight, ensuring a high-quality, flavorful product.

Flavor Profile

  • Yirgacheffe Coffee is strong and earthy.  It has hints of clove, chocolate, and a variety of fruit and citrus notes.

Key Features:

  • Origin: Ethiopia (Harrar, Ghimi, Sidamo/Yirgacheffe)

  • Availability: Ground and Whole Bean

  • Flavor Notes: Earthy woodiness, clove, chocolate, fruit, and citrus

  • Body: Smooth and balanced

  • Acidity: Crisp and clean

  • Bitterness: None

  • Processing Method: Wet process, sun-dried

Embrace the Spirit of Ethiopian Coffee Excellence

You may prefer the ease of ground coffee. Or, you may like the ritual of grinding your own beans. Either way, our Ethiopian coffee promises a unique and invigorating experience with every cup. Embrace the spirit of great coffee and enjoy the unique tastes of these well-made beans.

Order now and let our Ethiopian coffee become your daily delight. It celebrates the rich heritage and exceptional quality that define Ethiopia’s finest coffees.

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Bag Size

12 oz. whole bean


Perfectly Ground, Whole Bean


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