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Organic Medium-Dark Roast

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Ethiopia harvests some of the most unique coffees anywhere in the world. The three main coffee-producing regions of Ethiopia are Harrar, Ghimi and Sidamo (Yirgacheffe). The country produces about 200,000 tons of coffee annually and in certain areas like Addis-Ababa, they can process up to 500 tons of coffee per day.

The Yirgacheffe coffee bean is the fan favorite of southern Ethiopia. It tends to have sweet fruit-like overtones, a strong aroma and is milder than that found in other regions. Yirgacheffe coffee is sometimes labeled as “Sidamo,” which is the district where it is produced.

We use the “wet process” for milling the coffee cherries. This involves washing off the coffee cherry and while it’s still moist, removing the fleshy pulp from the fruit. The beans are then dried in direct sunlight.

I characterize the taste of this coffee as a strong, earthy woodiness with hints of clove, chocolate and a great variety of fruit and citrus notes.


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