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The finest, most pure coffees always have an intricate roasting process that achieves the perfect harmony of the many variables involved. Like making music, making coffee is a form of art.

My organic, custom-roasted Arabica coffee begins in the fields. Most coffees are “sun grown” which is cheaper to produce and requires many chemical fertilizers and pesticides that ultimately lead to the destruction of native rainforests. My coffee is lovingly cultivated through the “shade grown” technique under canopies of indigenous trees. Their fallen leaves act as a natural fertilizer which gives the coffee beans time to mature more slowly, maximizing their flavor profiles. Rockin’ & Roastin’ Coffee’s sustainable practices support a wide diversity of plant and animal life by providing food and shelter for migrating birds, helping to filter carbon dioxide from the air and reducing the dangers of global warming.

Once the beans arrive to us, we custom-roast them to perfection in a magical dance that I say is part science, part artisanship. When you brew this coffee, it unlocks the rich history and secrets of these special beans. My roast classifications are more involved than just “Medium” or “Dark” and they were developed by learning more about the chemistry and practices of the roasting processes. My brews utilize the Agtron System, a color categorization method comprised of eight different key juncture hues, to produce coffees that meet all the criteria: flavor, color and intensity.

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